Eastman Therapy Centre began out of a passion for sports and has grown into the largest multidisciplinary facility in southeastern Manitoba.

Founded in 1999 by Dave Blatz and Scott McLeod, Eastman Therapy Centre has transformed from a simple therapy clinic to a centre that also offers sports medicine consultations, massage therapy, orthotics, acupuncture and nutrition counselling. 


World-renowned therapist to elite athletes, Dave Blatz has developed incomparable skills through his experiences at the Olympics, Pan-American Games, and working with Major League Baseball and Canadian National teams for Soccer, Volleyball, Rowing and Boxing. Dave has unique sport-specific knowledge and skills and as a leader in physical therapy, he values collaboration among his peers. This belief has grown Eastman Therapy Centre into the largest multi-disciplinary therapy clinic in South East Manitoba. 


Dave grew up playing competitive sport and while he dreamt of playing at an elite level he has been blessed with an opportunity beyond anything he could have imagined. He channelled those dreams into opening a therapy clinic in his hometown and Eastman Therapy Centre opened in 1999 and continues to grow the clinic with every experience. 

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